Training Support

We think modern intensive and highly focused training methods, such as coding bootcamps, run the risk of producing technicians with little or no background knowledge of their chosen profession.  To help alleviate this situation we are developing a collection of resources that help trainees broaden their knowledge.

An Opionated Blog

New technology is often greeted rapturously as the magic bullet which will miraculously solve all our problems by early next week. This is inherently unlikely and has proven to be historically inaccurate so our blog posts try to inject a bit of realism into the situation.

Web Research

Our web researchers will carry out extensive searches for all relevant information on any topic you request and will present it to you in a well formatted report.

Web App(lication) Research

The lines between web sites, web applications, progressive web applications and apps are growing increasingly blurred and sometimes downright confusing so we are developing an online demo that will demonstrate and clarify the use of these converging technologies


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