Tangled Up In Blockchains (2)

Blockchain technology is now entering the crucial marketing phase of product development as apparently the word 'blockchain' is too technical and does not inspire trust in the technology nor does it help people understand it. Check out the story here. However this blogger will continue with the word 'blockchain' and will continue to look at various aspects of it as a technology. Without doubt the marketing folk will come up with a more cuddly name but will it help people really understand the technology? If it does they will certainly have earned their fees. Understanding the mathematics that underlie Bitcoin's proof-of-work methodology in particular is no doubt beyond most of us and in the

Tangled Up In Blockchains (1)

Bitcoin in particular has propelled blockchain technology into the technical and business media as the next big disruptive technology, or a load of hype, take your pick. Whatever the truth of the matter there's a tsunami of opinionated content out there, although getting to the basic facts can be quite difficult. This blogchain (ho ho ho) will publish such facts as they become known to the blogger. The blogger being a 'mature' OLTP head more familiar with arcane topics such as 2 phase commit, XA transactions and the Transaction Processing Council benchmarks (www.tpc.org) than with blockchain technology. To begin with some useful documents have been downloaded from http://scribd.com (a goo

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