AI - the reality?

IBM and MIT are going to try to advance AI together. A commentator notes that .... "One of the biggest challenges will be to advance pattern recognition and prediction. A human can easily describe what they saw happen in an event and predict what happens next, IBM says, but that's virtually "impossible" for current AI. ..... There's no guarantee that IBM and MIT will crack a problem that has daunted Google, Facebook and countless academics." That's the reality. We're miles away from real AI.

Blockchain Dreams Encounter Reality

WOW!!! Accenture is patenting technology for editing transactions that are held in "permissioned" blockchains! For "permissioned" we can read "centrally and privately controlled" but blockchain enthusiasts don't like to admit that and prefer to hide behind the meaningless "permissioned" terminology. Ho hum.

2016's Most Overhyped Technology

The FT today has an article about bots which designates them as the most overhyped technology of 2016. Amen to that. Not that they won't get it right at some point but like the early days of apps by then they will have been produced in the millions and millions of them will have been produced badly. Ho hum.

Advertising Agency On The Offensive

Advertising company Facebook is now deploying more and more resources to make sure its customer's products reach their target audience whether it wants them or not. Check it out.

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