Are You Coding For Big Brother?

In today's (15th May 2017) Financial Times journalist Rana Foroohar has written a disturbing article entitled "Silicon Valley has too much power". Here's a brief extract (with apologies to the FT but we feel this is a special case):- "the interests of the largest tech firms — from Google to Facebook — and the customers they supposedly serve are no longer aligned. “There’s a reason why culture and politics are being turned inside out to become more ego driven,” he says. “There’s an entire army of engineers at all these firms working to get you to spend more time and money online. Their goals are not your goals.” Mr Harris has started a guerrilla movement, called Time Well Spent, to try and p

AI - A History Of Hype

Over the last 50 years or more the history of AI has been a history of excessive hype. In the 1960s Marvin Minsky predicted that the problem of AI would be solved within the 'next decade' . Hmm. In this tsunami of hype it is important, though difficult, to hear from the sceptics too. Several articles have appeared recently which put the AI hype into perspective. They are essential reading. An excellent starting point is followed by and Read and ponder. StartFragment EndFragment

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