Batch Is Back! Real Time Data's Rise & Fall

A spanitis blog entry a few years ago identified the divergence of 'free' services, such as those offered by advertising companies like Facebook and Google who make their money selling end-user data (to pretty much anyone who will pay for it) and subscription services that make their money directly from end-users by charging them a subscription fee for services. This divergence continues today and will probably become more marked as the effects of GDPR begin to bite. But another divergence concerning subscription services is emerging fast which relates to customer billing. A current example is Lyft the ride hailing company who are trialing a subscription service in San Francisco. Extracts fr

Goodbye to the blockchain fad?

This blogger has always thought that blockchain databases with their well known technical limitations which include an abysmal transaction rate (5 tps!) and massive power requirements will consign them to the scrapheap of technology history. Now a superior evolution of the technology is solving those problems and looks capable of supporting real world transaction systems, hashgraph technology from Hedera. The article describing this technology contains the following: "Today, Hedera Hashgraph shared their public ledger test results. Large companies across sectors like financial services and supply chain management are increasingly testing blockchain proof of concepts, yet their adoption is co

How do you program a quantum computer?

We're hearing a lot about quantum computers and how they will revolutionize computing, mostly because they will be blazingly fast. Sounds great doesn't it, but it won't be for the faint hearted. Your blogman's programming experience was entirely gained in the pre-quantum 'classical' computing era but like probably many others from that era he has been wondering how programming a quantum computer might differ from traditional programming. Microsoft have recently made available a quantum computer simulator and the quantum programming language Q#. A brief look at the documentation is the basis of the following high level overview. For a far more detailed treatment the documentation itself shoul

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